Bamboo Entrepreneurship

LifePage Career Talk on Bamboo Entrepreneurship

By Ajay Thakur
[Scientist (E) in Forest Research Institute]

Bamboo Industry is a growing industry, the markets for bamboo can be grouped into traditional and non-traditional or emerging markets. Demand remains strong in traditional markets such as handicrafts, blinds and bamboo shoots with profitable opportunities despite moderate growth. Other traditional markets, such as chopsticks, are highly commoditized with low growth and low profit margins. Emerging bamboo markets include flooring, building products and laminated furniture. These represent the largest growth opportunities for bamboo.

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Ajay Thakur

B Sc (Forestry) - Pantnagar Agriculture University
M Sc (Forestry) - Punjab Agriculture University
PhD (Forest Genetics) - Oxford University & University of Wales, Bangor, UK

Ajay Thakur has done B Sc in Forestry from Pantnagar Agriculture University. Post that he did M Sc in Forestry from Punjab Agriculture University. He went on to do a PhD in Forest Genetics from Oxford University & University of Wales, Bangor, UK. He started his career from ICFRE as a Scientist (B). He is a Scientist (E) at Forest Research Institute, Dehradun.

[This Career Talk covers]
  What Is:
     1) Bamboo-based Entrepreneurship  
     2) Wood Industry  
     3) Forestry & Agriculture  
     4) Sourcing of Raw Material  
     5) Value Added Products  
     6) Creativity  
     7) Communication Skills  
     8) Continuous Learning  
     9) Market Research  
     10) Designing  
     11) Networking  
     12) Growth in Demand  
     13) Travelling  
     14) Supports Livelihood  
     15) Raw Material Procurement  
     16) Lack of Knowledge & Training  
  A Day Of:
     17) Bamboo-based Entrepreneurship  

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