Entertainment Anchoring

By Punita Singh
[ Anchor & Producer | HNN 24*7 ]

Career in Career-in-Entertainment-Anchoring
Entertainment Anchoring
Punita Singh
Anchor & Producer | HNN 24*7
[ 3 years & 8 months Experience ]

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By Punita Singh
[Anchor & Producer in HNN 24*7]

What is Entertainment Anchoring?

Punita Singh: "Entertainmnet Anchoring is all about informing the public on, what is happing in the entertainment industry.Entertainment anchors, also referred to as news analysts, inform the public about news and events happening Local, National and International Entertainment Industry."

How I got into Entertainment Anchoring?

Punita Singh: "I was interested in the media field since my childhood so I did Mass Communication from DAV College and after that, I started working with HNN 24*7 as a Entertainment Anchor and Producer. I have been working with HNN 24*7 since 2015 and anchoring two entertainment shows called Bollywood Chugli and Tamansha TVKa."

Punita Singh's LifePage:


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[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) Entertainment Anchoring  
     2) Typing & Writing  
     3) Languages  
     4) Entertainment Industry  
     5) Creativity  
     6) Communication  
     7) Presentation & Body Language  
     8) Innovation  
     9) Oratory Skills  
     10) Social Networking  
     11) Self Development  
     12) Respect & Recognition  
     13) Growth Opportunities  
     14) Responsibility  
     15) Competition  
  A Day Of:
     16) Entertainment Anchoring  

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