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Aneesh Singh

[ Owner | Monkey Fist ]

Graduation - Computer Sciences

Aneesh Singh studied in St. Joseph Academy in Dehradun. He did an undegraduate degree in Computer Sciences. After that, he joined the Merchant Navy where he worked for sixteen years on container ships and off-shore vessels. He returned to Dehradun in 2017 and started Cafe Monkey Fist which specializes in burgers and shakes.

Professional Experience

LifePage Career Awareness Platform
Cafe Management
  Notably: Owner
  in: Monkey Fist
2 years & 2 months [Sep 2017 - Dec 2019]

Cafe management involves handling the entire operations of a cafeteria or bistro including preparing business plan, selecting and securing location, hiring and managing staff, designing the food menu and interiors, maintaining daily inventory of raw material and building sales and marketing.

"I did my Undergraduate degree in Computer Science after which I joined the Merchant Navy in 2001. I sailed on container vessels and off-shore vessels for 16 years. I recently started Cafe Monkey Fist in Dehradun."


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