Deepa Sethy


[ Maths Teacher | Deepa Coaching Institute,Dehradun ]

B SC - H N B Gharwal University
M Com - H N B Gharwal University

Deepa Sethy started teaching Mathematics in a small garage in 2004. She is a very passionate professional which eventually led her to become a very successful owner of coaching classes. Now, she teaches an entire classroom of students.

Professional Experience
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  Notably: Maths Teacher
  in: Maths Coaching Institute, Dehradun
15 years & 2 months [Feb 2004 - Apr 2019]

Teaching and learning are casually tightly bound activities, so questioning, "What is learning?", might lead us to have a closer look at what precisely are the components of teaching and their underlying principles. This observation can help make learning more efficient.

"I started my career in a computer start-up company, where I led a development team to setup Web portals. Later I moved on to teaching Mathematics."


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