Freya Broos


[ Editor | Fragile Freya ]

Graduation (Journalism) - Belgium

Freya Broos studied Journalism in Belgium. After venturing into different jobs, she realised her passion for travel and writing and decided to become a travel journalist. She currently works as an Editor for Fragile Freya where shen shares her travel experiences with the world.

Professional Experience
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Travel Journalism
  Notably: Editor
  in: Fragile Freya
7 years [Mar 2012 - Apr 2019]

Travel Journalism is the art of writing travel stories. A travel journalist visits different places and writes in-depth details about that particular place, the people and the culture. They may write for a variety of print or online media and various publications or independently for a blog.

"I studied Journalism in Belgium. After venturing into different jobs, I finally realised that my true calling in life was travel and writing. So finally, six years after graduating from university, I went back to Journalism. I am working as an Editor for Fragile Freya where I share my travel experiences with the world."


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