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Kartikeya Sharma

[ Director | IRRRRFM ]

BA LLB - Law College, Dehradun

Kartikeya Sharma is a professional shooter. After doing his graduation from Law College, he had worked as an Associate at ELDF. He also worked at Hans Foundation as Project Coordinator. He started shooting when he was a kid and developed good shooting skills over time. He has participated in various National and International Tournaments. He formed an NGO by the name IRRRRFM in 2013.

Professional Experience

LifePage Career Awareness Platform
Pistol Shooting
  Notably: Professional Shooter
  in: Indian Shooting Team
7 years [Aug 2006 - Aug 2013]

Shooting most often refers to the use of a firearm. A person who shoots is called a shooter. The term 'weapon' is used as a piece of equipment to help the user achieve the best in which they can in the sport.

"After doing my BA LLB from Law College, I joined a law firm ELDF as an Associate. I started shooting when I was a kid in school during summer camp and later became a professional shooter. I have participated in various National and International sporting events."


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