Liz Gruszka


[ Director | Masters Academy of Makeup Art ]

Makeup Course - Toronto

Liz Gruszka did her Schooling from Australia. She then worked at EMI Music Company. She travelled the world for 3 years and lived at different places. She finally did a Makeup Course from Toronto, and has been practicing makeup since 1992. She had done makeup for various Hollywood films as well. She is the Director at MAMA Masters Academy of Makeup Art.

Professional Experience
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Makeup Training
  Notably: Director
  in: Masters Academy of Makeup Art
27 years & 3 months [Jan 1992 - Apr 2019]

Makeup training is teaching Makeup enthusiasts how to do Makeup and become Professionals at that field.

"After completing my Schooling from Australia, I worked at EMI Music Company. I travelled the world for around 3 years, and lived at different places. I finally decided to study Makeup from a school at Toronto. I have been doing Makeup since 1992. I have done Makeup for Holly wood Films as well. I became a Director at MAMA Masters Academy of Makeup Art in 2015."


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