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Raju Pushola had worked with various media houses before joining Dainik Jagran, where he has been working as a photo journalist for the past 14 years. He turned his love for camera after graduation, into his profession. Some of the landmarks of his life as a photojournalist are the Nanda Raj Jat Yatra. Another was the Haridwar Kumbh and the Ardh Kumbh. The most challenging one was the Kedarnath Disaster.

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Photo Journalism
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10 years & 11 months [May 2008 - Apr 2019]

Photo Journalism is telling a news or a story with the help of a photograph. The basic difference betwween photoo journalism and photography is that in photography one shows only what he has to, whereas in photojournalism photographs tell a story.

"After completing my graduation, I developed my love for camera. I have covered Nanda Raj Jat Yatra, Haridwar Kumbh, Ardh Kumbh & Kedarnath Tragedy."


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