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[ Reader in Psychology | MKP PG College ]

B A (Psychology) – MKP, PG College, Dehradun
M A (Psychology) - MKP, PG College, Dehradun

Sangeeta Khullar did her graduation and masters in psychology from MKP, PG College, Dehradun. She cleared UGC Net in 1986, after which she conducted her research and obtained her PhD degree in 1991. After which she started teaching in the same year. Currently, she is an associate professor in psychology at MKP, PG College, Dehradun.

Professional Experience
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  Notably: Associate Professor
  in: MKP PG College, Dehradun
26 years [Jan 1991 - Jan 2017]

Psychology is considered to be a science of behaviour which helps you understand people. It is a helping profession and it is a profession that help people to help themselves.

"After completing my PhD Degree I started teaching in 1991. Currently I am an Associate Professor in psychology at MKP, PG College, Dehradun."


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