Sayan Dev Sinha


[ Head of Business development | Dehradun Guitar Company ]

B Sc (Physics) - St Josephs Bangalore

Sayan Dev Sinha did his graduation from St Josephs Bangalore. After that he started his career with Advertising as a Social Media Manager to Copywriter.
Now he is the Head of Business Development at Dehradun Guitar Company since 2016.

Professional Experience
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Business Development
  Notably: Head of Business development
  in: Dehradun Guitar Company
2 years & 9 months [Jul 2016 - Apr 2019]

Business Development in terms of a Guitar Company is getting into relationship with artists, dealers where you sell your guitars and its also about creating an infrastructure for the company to place its foothold initially in the local area that is India for now and then all over the world.

"After finishing graduation I started my career in Advertising. Later in 2016 I started working for Dehradun Guitar Company as Business Development Head."


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