Siddharth Deoli


[ Captain | Teekay Shipping Ltd ]

Merchant Navy Training - T S Chanakya, Mumbai

Siddharth Deoli cleared his officer's exam from Lal Bahadur Shastri College of Maritime Science. He has been sailing as a Captain in Teekay Shipping Ltd since 1995.

Professional Experience
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Merchant Navy
  Notably: Master Mariner
  in: Teekay Shipping Ltd
23 years & 8 months [Aug 1995 - Apr 2019]

A merchant navy or merchant marine is the fleet of merchant vessels that are registered in a specific country. On merchant vessels, Seafarers of various ranks and sometimes members of maritime trade unions are required to carry Merchant Mariner's Documents.

"I joined T S Chanakya, Mumbai for Merchant Navy Training. I have been sailing as a Captain in Teekay Shipping Ltd since 1995."


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