Swati Singh


[ Singer | Womania Band ]

Post Graduation

Swati completed her post graduation. After that she got an opportunity to work with a school in Primary Education Department. Later on she did MBA and worked with Stock Broking Company as a Branch Manager but in order to pursue her passion, she left her job and started her career in music. She has opened a music institute named as Saptak Institute of Performing Arts and also started first women band of Uttarakhand Womenia Band.

Professional Experience
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Professional Singing
  Notably: Singer
  in: Womania Band
31 years [Apr 1988 - Apr 2019]

Professional singers perform songs in front of live audiences and record music in recording studios

"I have been practicing singing since childhood and after working in school and banking field, I have started music institute called Saptak Institute of Performing Arts and also managing Womenia band."


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