Bakery and Patisserie

By Namanraj Jolly
[ Chef Proprietor | Bake Masters ]

Career in Career-in-Bakery-and-Patisserie
Bakery and Patisserie
Namanraj Jolly
Chef Proprietor | Bake Masters
[ 9 years Experience ]

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By Namanraj Jolly
[Chef Proprietor in Bake Masters]

What is Bakery and Patisserie?

Namanraj Jolly: "Bakery and Patisserie is all about breads, cakes, cookies, deserts, sponges and creams and a mix of egg, flour, sugar, butter, milk and how you play with them. Its basically the art and science of mixing the right amount of ingredients to getting your product by baking it in the oven."

How I got into Bakery and Patisserie?

Namanraj Jolly: "I was interested in Baking right from School. After receiving formal education in Hotel Management in India and Australia, I started my own Bakery by the name Bake Masters in Dehradun in 2014. "

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[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) Bakery and Patisserie  
     2) Food Production  
     3) Science and Art  
     4) Hygine  
     5) Presentation and Style  
     6) Latest Trends  
     7) Dicipline  
     8) Creativity and Innovation  
     9) Time Management  
     10) Team Work  
     11) Passion and Dedication  
     12) Immense Satisfaction  
     13) Respect and Recognition  
     14) Scope for Growth  
     15) No Monotony  
     16) Work Life Balance  
     17) High Resposibility  
     18) Health  
     19) Staff Management  
  A Day Of:
     20) Bakery and Patisserie  

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