Fashion Designing

By Kriti Kumar
[ Fashion Designer | Label Kriti Kumar ]

Career in Career-in-Fashion-Designing
Fashion Designing
Kriti Kumar
Fashion Designer | Label Kriti Kumar
[ 22 years & 1 month Experience ]

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By Kriti Kumar
[Fashion Designer in Label Kriti Kumar]

What is Fashion Designing?

Kriti Kumar: "Designers use their thoughts, imagination and creativity to form a particular collection with new style and trend, when this particular trend is followed, then it becomes fashion. This industry thrives for the change and designer's job is to make those changes. When the designers are able to convey their thoughts and imagination, it gives immense pleasure to them while they see their clothes being worn by people and their style being followed."

How I got into Fashion Designing?

Kriti Kumar: "I am from an artistic background and that motivated me to choose this career. I was awarded the best designer of my batch while my graduation as well as outstanding performer in the field of fashion from Graphic Era University. I have worked in various expo houses & studios as an incharge fashion and design. After that I started my own studio with only 2 machines names as Label Kriti Kumar in 1990. I am not only designing clothes, I am also giving consultancy in clothes and I have the only consultancy for fashion in Dehradun.I have also designed for various bollywood stars and a few films."

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[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) Fashion Designing  
     2) Drafting, Pattern Making & Cutting  
     3) Textile Chemistry  
     4) Texture, Fabric and Colours  
     5) Highly Creative and Artistic  
     6) Drawing  
     7) Good Eye for detailing  
     8) Visualization and Imagination  
     9) Observant and Curious  
     10) Optimistic  
     11) Recognition  
     12) Highly Lucrative  
     13) Career Opportunity  
     14) Immense Satisfaction  
     15) Erratic Working Hours  
     16) Work life balance  
     17) Criticism  
     18) Financial Backup  
     19) Unending Patience  
  A Day Of:
     20) Fashion Designing  

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