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By Asif Khan
[Assignment In charge in HNN News 24x7]

News Input Desk is basically the backbone of the news channels. This basically entails getting all the information such as breaking news, other incidents through a team in order to broadcast on the news channel. Various teams are placed in different districts and even the Vidhan Sabha, after which information is sourced out and passed on to the particular news channel.

Asif Khan

BA (Mass Comm) - IMMT
Masters (Mass-Comm) - DAV, Dehradun

Asif Khan did his schooling from SRRS Inter College in Gorakhpur. After which he attained a BA Hons in Mass Communication. Simultaneously he did an internship with Amar Ujala for 6 months and then with Network 10, soon enough he got a job offer by them and worked with Network 10 for 2 years. Then he joined News 1 India where he was in charge of the two states UP and UK and worked with them for 8 months and then joined HNN 24x7 in 2016.

[This Career Talk covers]
  What Is:
     1) News Input Desk  
     2) Current Affairs  
     3) Political Knowledge  
     4) Social Media  
     5) Work Area Knowledge  
     6) Communication  
     7) Networking  
     8) Team Coordination  
     9) Analytical  
     10) Glamour  
     11) Building Contacts  
     12) Self Awareness  
     13) No Set Timings  
     14) Outdoor Working Conditions  
     15) Team Management  
     16) High Responsibility  
  A Day Of:
     17) News Input Desk  

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