Sales and Marketing

LifePage Career Talk on Sales and Marketing

By Salman
[Senior Pre-sales Executive in Tescra Software Pvt Ltd]

Sales and Marketing is vital for successful business growth. Selling or making sales consists of interpersonal interaction-the one-on-one meetings, telephone calls and networking-that you engage in with prospects and customers. Marketing includes the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service. Marketing is not advertising but it is finding out what people want, why they want it and how much they'll spend.

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B Tech - RGM College of Engineering and Technology, JNTU-ATP, Andhra Pradesh

Salman Nasir Jah did schooling from Sri Lakshmi High School and Intermediate from Narayana Junior College, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh. Thereafter, he did his B Tech from Rajeev Gandhi Memorial College of Engineering and Technology, JNTU-ATP, Andhra Pradesh. He worked as a Field Application Engineer & Senior Presales Executive for companies Named Cranes Software International Limited, Bangalore,Starcom Information Technology Limited, Delhi and Tescra Software Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore to sell and promote Mechanical and Civil Engineering tools to various education sectors for 5 years.

[This Career Talk covers]
  What Is:
     1) Sales and Marketing  
     2) Finite Element Analysis Tools  
     3) Designing Software  
     4) Product Knowledge  
     5) Market Research  
     6) Communication Skills  
     7) Pre Sales Skills  
     8) Interpersonal Skills  
     9) Presentation Skills  
     10) Negotiating Skills  
     11) Networking  
     12) Monetary Benefits  
     13) Managing Targets  
     14) Competition  
  A Day Of:
     15) Sales and Marketing  

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