School Management

By Gaganjyot Mann
[ Managing Director | Doon International School ]

Career in Career-in-School-Management
School Management
Gaganjyot Mann
Managing Director | Doon International School
[ 14 years Experience ]

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By Gaganjyot Mann
[Managing Director in Doon International School]

What is School Management?

Gaganjyot Mann: "School management involves different areas such as academics , Co-curricular activities that ensure the overall development of the child. It also includes human resource management of all staff in the school including the administrative staff like the Principal, Vice Principal, Coordinator, the teachers etc. It also involves the financial aspects of running the school for sustainability, infrastructure development, marketing and PR of the school."

How I got into School Management?

Gaganjyot Mann: "After completing my graduation, I Started teaching in my family owned school. Alongside, I started managing the school while getting school administration training from my parents. By 2004, I was completely involved in opening of new branches of our school and managing them. It was then, that I did my Bachelors and Masters in Education. I later did my MBA from a leading business school in Canada. At that time I felt that my dual degrees in Education and Management have gone a long way in making me more efficient and successful in my field of work. This is how I also started managing various schools that my family owns at various places. Currently, I am also managing the school’s franchise business."

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[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) School Management  
     2) Management  
     3) Marketing  
     4) Educational Management  
     5) Leadership  
     6) Communication  
     7) Human Resource Management  
     8) Planning  
     9) Adaptability  
     10) Convincing and Negotiation Skills  
     11) Societal Impact  
     12) Job Satisfaction  
     13) Recognition  
     14) Personal Development  
     15) Networking  
     16) Maintaining Disciplined Environment  
     17) Uncertainties  
     18) Pressure  
     19) Responsibility & Accountability  
  A Day Of:
     20) School Management  

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