Scientific Conservation

By Dr Rishabh Kumar Chaturvedi
[ Assistant Director | Archaeological Survey of India ]

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Scientific Conservation
Dr Rishabh Kumar Chaturvedi
Assistant Director | Archaeological Survey of India
[ 36 years Experience ]

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By Dr Rishabh Kumar Chaturvedi
[Assistant Director in Archaeological Survey of India]

What is Scientific Conservation?

Dr Rishabh Kumar Chaturvedi: "A conservation scientist works in the field of conservation science and whose focus is on the research of cultural heritage (e.g. art, artifacts, buildings, and monuments) through scientific inquiry. Conservation scientists conduct applied scientific research and techniques to determine the material, chemical, and technical aspects of cultural heritage."

How I got into Scientific Conservation?

Dr Rishabh Kumar Chaturvedi: "I did B Sc in Chemistry, Geology, Botany and M Sc in Chemistry from Agra College. I then went on to do Ph D in Chemistry from the same college. In 1977, I joined the Science Branch of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). I retired from ASI in 2013 as an Assistant Director."

Dr Rishabh Kumar Chaturvedi's LifePage:


(Scientific Conservation, Dr Rishabh Kumar Chaturvedi, Archaeological Survey of India, ASI, Assistant Director, Scientist, Historical Monuments, Restoration, Cultural Objects, Sites, Inorganic Chemistry, Botany, Geology, Instrumentation)

[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) Scientific Conservation  
     2) Inorganic Chemistry  
     3) Environmental Science  
     4) Botany  
     5) Geology  
     6) History  
     7) Instrumentation  
     8) Observation Skills  
     9) Application of Knowledge  
     10) Problem Solving  
     11) Research Orientation  
     12) Keen Learning  
     13) Interesting Field  
     14) Travelling  
     15) Interaction with Foreign Dignitaries  
     16) Sense of Pride  
     17) Satisfaction  
     18) Field Job  
     19) Work-Life Balance  
     20) Public Interference  
  A Day Of:
     21) Scientific Conservation  

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