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By Dr Zainab Rahman
[ H O D, Sociology Dept. | M K P, PG College ]

Career in Career-in-Sociology
Dr Zainab Rahman
H O D, Sociology Dept. | M K P, PG College
[ 22 years Experience ]

LifePage Career Talk on Sociology


Full Talk: https://lifepage.app.link/20170427-0001
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTCcia6hfAY

By Dr Zainab Rahman
[H O D, Sociology Dept. in M K P, PG College]

What is Sociology?

Dr Zainab Rahman: "Sociology is the study of society. Its the the study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society."

How I got into Sociology?

Dr Zainab Rahman: "I did my schooling from St Georges Girls Grammar School, Hyderabad. I did my graduation from AP Agricultural University, Then I did Masters and PhD in Sociology from H N B University. I have been teaching sociology and practicing as a sociologist since 1987."

(Sociology, Dr Zainab Rahman, M K P, PG College, Behavioral Psychology, Behavioristic Psychology, Social Anthropology, Social Science, Behavioral Science )

[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) Sociology   
     2) General Reading  
     3) Social Sciences   
     4) Research Techniques  
     5) Literature  
     6) Current Affairs  
     7) Observation  
     8) Communication  
     9) Interpersonal  
     10) Surveying Skills  
     11) Analytical  
     12) Empathy  
     13) Comprehension Skills  
     14) Diverse Career Opportunities  
     15) Research Orientation   
     16) Stepping Stone to NGO   
     17) Policy Making Opportunities   
     18) Work Satisfaction   
     19) Positive Impact on Society   
     20) Growing Field   
     21) Limited Awareness   
     22) Find & Create Opportunity   
     23) Studying Intimate Relation   
     24) Data Collection Challenges   
     25) Quantification   
     26) External Dependency   
  A Day Of:
     27) Sociology  

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