By Priyanka Chandola
[ Youtuber | Desigirltraveller ]

Career in Career-in-Youtubing
Priyanka Chandola
Youtuber | Desigirltraveller
[ 3 years Experience ]

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By Priyanka Chandola
[Youtuber in Desigirltraveller]

What is Youtubing?

Priyanka Chandola: "YouTube is a free video-hosting website that allows members to store and serve video content. Videos that have been uploaded to YouTube may appear on the YouTube website and can also be posted on other websites, though the files are hosted on the YouTube server. YouTube members and website visitors can share YouTube videos on a variety of web platforms by using a link or by embedding HTML code."

How I got into Youtubing?

Priyanka Chandola: "After doing my schooling from Patna Women's College, I did my B Tech from Visvesvaraya Technological University, Bangalore. Thereafter, I started working as a software engineer for Mahindra Satyam and after working for more than 2 years I realized that I have different interests and I did my PGD in Digital Marketing from Delhi & MBA in Marketing from Kathmandu University. After that I worked for UNICEF Nepal as Digital Marketing Associate where we used to make documentaries and video content for various projects. Then, I joined Delhipedia as marketing & Communication Manager. Later, I decided to start something of my own and in 2017, I started my own YouTube Channel named Desigirltraveller."

(Youtubing, Priyanka Chandola, Desigirltraveller, Blogger, Content Writer, Traveller, Digital Marketer, Documentries, Short Movies, Blogging)

[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) Youtubing  
     2) Technical Knowledge  
     3) Equipment Knowledge  
     4) Editing  
     5) Social Media  
     6) Patience  
     7) Persistence  
     8) Presentation Skills  
     9) Determination  
     10) Time Management  
     11) Networking  
     12) Fame  
     13) Growth  
     14) Satisfaction  
     15) Hectic Schedule  
     16) Competition  
     17) Finance  
  A Day Of:
     18) Youtubing  

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