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Apply for the LifePage Career Plan Scholarship here. Your Application will be listed on the Sponsor page and you will be informed when someone sponsors your Career Plan.


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Scholarship Form

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[Adding a Picture will increase your chances of receiving a Scholarship]
My Family:

[Example: My father is a Carpenter and he has stretched himself beyond capacity to finance my education in an English Medium private School. He wants me to pursue Engineering coaching but I am least interested in it. My mother is a housewife; she loves me a lot but cannot stand against my father to support me. I have two younger sisters.]
About Me:

[Example: I am interested in Singing and Commercial Flying, however I am not sure how to go about finalizing my Career. Since I am already in Standard IX, time is short for me and I want to quickly arrive at my Career Plan.]
 I agree to the following conditions:
1.If I am provided a Scholarship I will invest 2 hours every day into the process to arrive at my Career plan in a maximum of 10 days.
2.I will ensure access to the LifePage App and a mobile phone.
3.If my sponsor wants I will discuss my LifePage Career Plan with my sponsor.
4.If I do not complete the Career Plan in 10 days I will pay LifePage ₹ 2,000 and my scholarship of ₹ 6,000 can be passed to another needy candidate.


Your request will be listed on www.lifepage.in/sponsor.php we will connect with you as soon as someone sponsors your LifePage Career Plan.

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31 Sponsored
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